The Coupon Book of Polk County


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Advertising Benefits

Reward customers for shopping locally with special offers from your business!

Advertise Your Business with Experienced Industry Experts

We have 20+ years of combined marketing, sales and graphics experience. Our goal is to provide the expertise to help you build your customer base so your business grows.

Website and Mobile APP 

Our website and Mobile APP allows your customers access to your advertisement 24/7 on line or smart phone.

Save Money

We have kept you, the advertiser, in mind. To optimize your advertising dollars, we offer a 5 week per issue marketing period with 10 issues per year. Most publications run only 4 weeks. Our competitive pricing allows you the advertiser, consistent and affordable advertising exposure for an extended period of time. Pricing starts as low as $59.00.

Great Looks

“The Coupon Book” features FULL COLOR, professionally designed magazine ads cover to cover. The consumer’s attention is drawn in to browse through “The Coupon Book”, spurring the end result, more sales!!!

Unique Business 2 Business Distribution

“The Coupon Book” is delivered to over 3000 participating local businesses by our trained and courteous delivery teams. Each distributor works from detailed lists for their specific area.  Area distribution lists are updated for each distributor every new issue.

Consumer Readership

“The Coupon Book” is all coupons. Budget conscious consumers don’t have time to spend hours reading through newspapers looking for deals. So out of your pocket or purse, “The Coupon Book” allows the consumer time to find great deals and discounts from local retailers at a glance.